Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Waterfall Rappelling at Vihigaon on 17th July 2016

Rappelling down the waterfall is an experience of a lifetime! The sound of the cascading water along with the mist & spray that accompanies it makes the descend, a thrilling experience.

Join us for a one day adventure rush as we at Nisarga Bhraman have arranged a waterfall rappelling at Vihigaon waterfall near Kasara on Sunday, 17th July 2016.

About the place - 

Height of the rappel - 150 Feet approx
Base Village - Vihigaon
Grade - Easy

Water Rafting at Kundalika River

Rafting or white water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.

We at Nisarga Bhraman have arranged an adventure trip of River Rafting in the Kundalika River at Kolad. 

Batch 1 - Saturday, 9th July 2016
Batch 2 - Saturday, 16th July 2016

Friday, June 17, 2016

One Day Trek to Sudhagad on 26th June 2016

The Sahyadris beckon & the lure is getting stronger with approaching monsoon clouds. There is nothing more beautiful than the view of the Sahyadris in the rains

Join us at Nisarga Bhraman as we have arranged a one day trek to the beautiful fort Sudhagad on Sunday, 26th June 2016.

Info about Sudhagad -

Height: 2030 Feet above MSL(Approx)
Grade: Easy
District: Raigad
Region: Pali
Base Village: Dhondase / Pacchapur

Sudhagad: Pali is a place where one out of the eight Ashtavinayak Ganesh Temples is located. Lord Ganesh of Pali is named ‘Ballaleshwar’. Base of Sudhagad Fort - Dhondase is situated about 12 odd kms from here. The fort is expansive and was earlier called ‘Bhorapgad’, it was when Shivaji Maharaj took over this fort, that the name ‘Sudhagad’ came into existence. Caves of Thanale situated nearby area stated that the construction of Sudhagad is about 1000 years old. Sudhagad was probably built to keep watch on trade routes and ghat routes like Nandand Ghat and Sawashni Ghat. The fort resembles Raigad in terms of construction and hence is often referred to as a Replica of Raigad!
Route to Sudhagad from Dhondase passes through the thick forest and one can witness presence of wild creatures.

Thrilling Trek to Harihar Fort on 2nd july 2016

Nisarga Bhraman has arranged a thriling trek in the Tryambakeshwar region of Nasik to the fort Harihar. 


About the place: 

Place: Fort Harihar
Base Village : Takeharsh Or Harshewadi and Nirgudpada
Region : Trimbakeshwar, Nasik
Grade: Easy
Height: 3676Feet 

Fort Harihar is a triangular massif with sheer vertical walls & edges. The only way up the fort is by climbing rock cut steps in a 70 degree rock edge. Climbing the stone ladder is like doing a trapeze act in the sky. There are a couple of caves, a storage house, water tanks, a pond & a temple atop the fort. The top offers one a birds eye view of the entire region & also gives one the gratification of having gotten over the fear of heights.